Friday, 21 March 2008

Dr Kawashima rules okay

Last week Derek Robinson, from LTS, did an excellent job in saying on a variety of interviews on television what was really happening in a project he is involved with in Scotland at the Consolarium .He explained the use of games and games machines having value in educational contexts but the protagonists, on the whole, just didn't get it. You can read more about this on Ewan's blog here.

Well a week has passed and Derek has had time to think back on the impact of what he was saying. You can read this better from his blog than me reiterating it.

But a number of things come out of this for me, the main one being his assertion 'good teachers will use good resources'. Of course they will and many good teachers will take a variety of resources and make them good and useful by the power and excitement of their teaching. It is the teacher that 'does the stuff' ... the resources help and support.

As I have just commented on Derek's blog:

I am totally sure that you are right... I am just curious what the definition of real impact will be and hope that it will not just be a measure of improved performance. I don't believe in the quick fix ... I think that things happen in learning over a much greater time scale than we imagine ... the impact may be years ahead and will not be down to one idea or thing or lesson or experience.

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